Heineken Green Room

Heineken Green Room is a progressive music platform that challenges consumers to experience music with all their senses - beyond just listening to it.
In 2016 and 2017 Heineken invited EDM fans to ‘TOUCH THE MUSIC’ during 21 events across 17 cities in 8 Southeast Asian countries.

Sensory experience

‘TOUCH THE MUSIC’ introduces four Sonic Droids that move amongst the crowd, each delivering a unique, tactile expression of sound, amplified by specially curated visual spectacle.


Reach for sound.
Create your moment.

Four branded hours dedicated to each tactile expression of sound involve a dramatic introduction of each droid concluded with a special Heineken Moment.

Concept development

As a part of a team focused on developing the event concept, I helped to define:
- event experience
- design direction for the four droids
- visual identity of each branded hour
- key offline and online promotion collateral

Droid anatomy:

Unique Personality: Solid and Imposing
Colour Palette: Orange
Hardware: (1) LED lights on helmet display build up in suit pressure, (2) Illuminated wires running up the droids back for a steampunk aesthetic, (3) Vortex Cannon blasting pressurised smoke rings

Developed and presented a number of key visual options, both abstract and literal.

'Relive your night in 360°' is a simple and responsive online tool for publishing panoramic photos of each event to enable attendees to tag-and-share their moments.

Heineken APAC


Arcade, Singapore

Event Experience and Interaction Design

Creative Direction:
Lizi Hammer, Mark Taylor

Art Direction:
Shan Yu Chia, Kayla Chia

Isaac Tan, Li Jun Pek

Account Management:
Lesley John, Angelina Tan, Melissa Teo

Project Management:
Kamil Gottwald, Sonia Zuzarte, Evelyn Djuhari

Untitled Projects, Rebel & Soul