Digital Transformation

Citigroup is a North American multinational investment banking and financial services corporation with over 200 years of experience.
In 2011 and 2012, I was a part of the Global Strategy and Design Team (GS+DT) that helped to reinvent the online mortgage experience to emphasise customers’ needs and concerns while appealing to their lifestyle aspirations.


Nearly everyone dreams of owning a home, but no one dreams about getting a mortgage.

Homeownership is an emotional concept - it’s about family, putting down roots and looking ahead to a brighter future.
Unfortunately, the mortgage process exists outside of that: it’s cold unavoidable financial transaction that’s often seen as complex, confusing and overwhelming.

Strategic idea

To increase awareness and consideration for Citi’s mortgage business we needed to connect the transactional mortgage process with the emotional dream of homeownership, and make information easy to find and understand.
We asked ourselves, what if we could do for homeownership what GPS units did for navigation? Help customers to map out a plan, show them what’s coming next and keep the on course if they get into unfamiliar territory.


Platform: content

Consequently, we developed a flexible platform to grow with changing business and customer needs. The focus was on the following: (1) Deep, rich and more educational content, yet conversational and friendly. The right content was always easy to find, by way of a modern, modular layout, that featured a series of elegantly designed modules, components and templates.


Platform: design

(2) We introduced a comprehensive design language, consist of a number of graphic elements, that helped to effectively group, categorise and highlight information. These included: stuning custom photography, diverse colour palette, simple and elegant icon system, and information graphics.

Platform: tools

(3) In-page tools and calculators were redesigned to be faster and more dynamic. Customers could test and save financial scenarios like never before.


Tablet led design meant that all graphic elements were light on embellishments and transitions felt fluid and natural.




Critical Mass, London, United Kingdom

Interaction, UX and UI Design

Design Direction:
Reza Kay, Lui Rogliano

Information Architecture:
Juan Mediavillia, Sam Scott

Lizzy Nichol, James Robson

Ashley Bridger, Abbie Daven, Dan Jones