Happy to help brands, agencies and startups.

I’m an interaction designer with eight years of experience at multiple agencies in the UK, Singapore and Australia.

Since 2010 I have enjoyed working at some great companies around London, and more recently South East Asia and Australia. With a solid background in graphic design, I have gradually built my experience into more strategic brand work, UX and user-centered design thinking.

Empowered by partnerships that foster mutual trust, I help people understand the way products and services work. With varying depths of different skills whether that’s brand development, interface and web design, user research or interaction prototyping, I aim to design delightful solutions with consumer and business at heart.

I enjoy travel, conversation, and making personal connections. I am adaptable, and use every opportunity to blend diverse perspectives. I embrace contrasting cultures and habits that influence and shape 
unique experiences.

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I’m always happy to hear about new opportunities therefore, please feel free to drop me a line or two via email or linkedin.